Senior Care Consultant In West Hartford

Giving Seniors & Families Options

SLM Senior Options & Connections provides you with a piece of mind knowing you or your loved ones are in safe hands with an experienced Senior Care Consultant in West Hartford. Geriatric Social Worker Sheri Morris has over 35 years experience working with seniors in assisted living and seniors living at home and providing support for both elders and families out of state.

West Hartford Geriatric Social Worker

We know that the sudden or gradual decline in the health of your loved one creates challenges: 

•    There are so many choices out there, how do you choose the right one
•    Understand the complete range of options available to you
•    Quickly get the connections you need to get immediate help
•    You are no longer alone, we are here to make a difference

As a Geriatric Social Worker and Senior Care Consultant for the elderly in West Hartford, Connecticut and a Home Care Case Manager for larger organizations, Sheri brings knowledge, expertise and solutions to each care-giving challenge.  Our specialties include supportive services for seniors, and communicating with and supporting families of seniors who are not nearby or live out of state.

Sheri has helped families and individuals for over 35 years and is ready to help your loved ones continue to enjoy an independent quality of life in their living environment.

Senior Care Services In West Hartford

Sheri Morris’s 35 years of experience across all senior care services has helped many families in and around West Hartford, and allows her to provide an unparalleled range of services for your loved ones including:

o    Housing Options Across The State
o    Aging At Home In West Hartford
o    Assisted Living Throughout Connecticut
o    Long Term Planning
o    Community Resources
o    Safety Suggestions
o    Senior Care Counseling
o    Elderly Care Consultation
o    Support For Seniors In West Hartford
o    Referrals In Connecticut
o    Home Health Needs
o    Workshops
o    Educational Material
o    Healthcare Directives
o    Legal Referrals
o    Liaison With Families Out Of State


Senior Care For West Hartford - Out Of State

If you are a senior or you are caring for an aging parent or spouse you may be feeling overwhelmed, confused and nervous. If you live across the state, or country from your aging loved one in West Hartford, you can worry a lot about caring for them in their senior years. As a Care Consultant in West Hartford we give our seniors and their families the options and connections for a better life.

Working in the aging field for the past 35 years, Sheri has expert knowledge of local in-home care and community-based living options. Whether it’s a nursing home placement, assisted living needs, or help with a loved one with dementia, Sheri has personal relationships with professionals across the senior living community in West Hartford. She can navigate the senior living landscape in Connecticut efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

FREE Consultation Today

We provide all new clients in West Hartford with a free consultation over the phone to begin the assessment process and to answer initial questions. Contact Sheri Today and we will do all we can to help provide support for you and your loved one.